A Team Home Buyers

Meet The A Team

Stan Fincher

Property Manager

Stan grew up in the DFW area, more specifically mesquite his entire life. He has just made a recent move down the street to the Sunnyvale area. Stan has always been a problem solver and very detail oriented. He has heavy IT background and even an extensive knowledge of locksmithing. He rivals anyone on the planet when it comes to setting up systems and making your day-to-day life more productive. He has been a part of A Team Homebuyers for a while now, and is continuing to improve on the quality of interaction for all of the clients the A Team encounters. You can rest assured that if you are our client, that Stan is taking care of you. Give us a call today!

Marina Boulware

Assistant Property Manager

Marina is a sweet-natured, caring, and outgoing person who excels at problem-solving and organizing. She moved to the lake in early August 2020 but has loved spending time here with her family long before that. In her free time, she enjoys camping and hiking with her dogs Trippy and Milo, seeing live music, and spending time with her family. Marina looks forward to expanding her knowledge of the real estate industry and property management while growing her reach in the Cedar Creek community.

Madison Reyes

Assistant Property Manager

Madison, is the ultimate dog mom to Hazel, the sweetest Aussie around. With 9 years of heartfelt connection to Mabank, she's a true local expert. Madison is a proud graduate of Mabank High School, always carrying her dedication to learning and growth with her. When she's not making waves in the property management world, Madison's all about making precious memories with her friends and family. Her eagerness to learn and her commitment to helping our clients find their dream homes make Madison a vital part of our team. We can't wait to see her flourish in this dynamic business!

Ben Whited

Acquisitions Specialist

Ben Whited, A proud graduate of Athens High School, class of '18. Ben has been a member of the local community since 2012, embracing the East Texas lifestyle. In 2020, Ben embarked on his real estate journey, discovering a genuine passion for orchestrating successful deals and providing top-notch assistance to sellers. His dedication to serving the community shines through, reflecting his commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of those he works with. When he's not busy making real estate magic happen, Ben finds joy in the simple pleasures of life—quality time with family, playful frisbee sessions with his beloved dog Lexi, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through regular workouts. Ben eagerly looks forward to leveraging his skills and knowledge to assist as many people as possible.

LeAnn Marsh

Acquisitions Specialist

LeAnn brings a unique blend of real estate expertise and a vibrant personality. LeAnn is not your average real estate professional - she's passionate about fishing, loves exploring new destinations, and cherishes moments with family and furry friends. Beyond transactions, LeAnn is all about building lasting connections.

Ailish Haney

Flip Locator Manager

Ailish Haney, your local, small-town enthusiast with deep roots in Cedar Creek Lake. She approaches life by reeling in faith, hope, and a boatload of passion. Whether she is navigating the waters of fishing or the realm of real estate, she looks forward to the catch. Alongside being the proud mama of two mini mermaids, She has set sail on an exciting journey in real estate with the incredible "A Team." She embraces challenges as opportunities and is here to remind you that with perseverance and the belief in future victories, you can conquer anything - just like a boss bass. From life's challenges to buying homes, She is here to cast out encouragement and help find solutions. Anchoring into this promising career field, She can't wait to see what the future holds. Let's dive into this adventure together!

Grant Lein

Office Manager

Grant, a remarkable member of our A Team! He brings a wealth of experience, leadership, and a contagious enthusiasm to our company. Originally hailing from the sun-kissed shores of San Diego, California, Grant found his true calling in the Lone Star State, where he has embraced Texas as his home for the past seven years. With a rich background in project management, as well as expertise in contractor sales. Grant's exceptional leadership abilities shine through as he leads by example, inspiring his colleagues to reach new heights of success. Beyond his professional achievements, Grant finds joy in the company of his loyal companion, Lilly, and the thrill of watching baseball games and casting a line while fishing.

Donnie Higdon

Acquisitions Specialist

Donnie Higdon, a connoisseur of life's simple joys, finds profound fulfillment in the company of his three beloved canine companions: Tracey, Lucy, and Lacey. To Donnie, these furry friends are more than pets—they are cherished members of his family, each contributing a unique essence to his daily adventures. A devotee of serene beachside landscapes, Donnie seeks solace in the rhythmic cadence of waves and the soft caress of crisp sea breezes. These coastal ambles serve not only as a physical exercise but also as a sanctuary for clearing his thoughts, offering a tranquil canvas upon which the palette of his reflections can unfold.

Amanda Pruiett

Acquisitions Agent

Amanda is our unstoppable wonder mom! With a heart full of passion, she masterfully juggles family life and her thriving small business. Late nights are her ally as she burns the candle at both ends, dedicated to making her dreams a reality. Yet, she never forgets to cherish the moments with her precious kids, friends, family, and beloved animals. For her, life's grandest adventures are best enjoyed with those she holds dear, and together, they create a world filled with love and joy!